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Following this meeting, Nicolas, me and his blunt instrument met on a regular basis, sometimes three times a week.I found the concept of the state paying for me to get my pelvic floor back in shape totally extraordinary.Just a couple of weeks after leaving hospital, I found I had a diary packed with 'perineal retraining classes', the sole aim of which was to get me - and my pelvic floor - back in as good a shape as possible.There were around ten classes, to be delivered by our local kinesiotherapist, something akin to a physiotherapist.After giving birth, a woman thinks of many things; chocolate, baby names, how soon she can go home, how soon she can sit down without the help of an inflatable rubber ring, and which breastfeeding bras are the most practical. It might be a subject few women are willing to talk about, even with their closest friends, but the issue of when you should resume marital relations is something all new parents will have to face at some point or other. Received wisdom says that the uterus takes about six weeks to return to its normal size, so this is taken as a good benchmark for when to even think about resuming love-making after a natural birth. This is in stark contrast to her husband, who has probably thought of little else for the previous three months.When the doctor tentatively suggested that eight weeks might be a good time to think about resuming marital relations, I must have looked at him as though he was suggesting I chop my foot off without an anaesthetic.I spent two weeks living with an inflatable rubber ring, which I had to use to sit down in any comfort.

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After giving birth in Sussex with no painkillers - due to the fact I stupidly fell for all the propaganda about a natural birth - during which I suffered a tear that was not stitched up ('best to let it heal naturally, dear,' I was told), my first instinct was never to have sex again.I won't go into detail, but an examination took place and after a few minutes he said that I wasn't too bad 'after three children'.