Sex offender phone campaign

27-Jul-2017 09:56

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The man is sitting with his attorney when he suddenly stands up and charges at a judicial assistant’s desk. A corrections deputy promptly responds and chases the man.

He grabs the suspect's suit jacket, pulling him to the ground.

Benjamin Gran, 40, of Auburn, Washington, died of multiple traumatic injuries on Monday when the Amtrak Cascades train 501 plummeted off the rails at 80mph, along a curve south of Seattle, killing three and injuring dozens.

Authorities have revealed that Gran, who was autistic and a huge train enthusiast, was a registered sex offender who was sentenced to a lifetime of supervised release after he was caught with a massive amount of child pornography.

Officials have revealed that a second person was in the cab during the deadly Amtrak crash- as investigators look into whether they may have distracted the driver.

'It was not something the engineer actually initiated himself.'One factor that could have potentially slowed down, or even avoided the crash altogether would have been critical speed-control technology.The transmissions mentioned a second person in the front of the train who was also hurt.