Scottish dating in america

04-Jun-2017 18:02

Mc Call Smith is feted in America almost as much as JK Rowling.

• Boswell's Edinburgh Journals: High times and low lifes in the Edinburgh of the Enlightenment.

"That could be as a Scottish studies course, a complete course in its own right or as part of courses such as world literature, where they would usually go for English.

And if people are putting together anthologies on modern poetry, we're saying Scotland has a great literary tradition here that's being skipped over and a lot of poetry can be included in that." ASLS has brought nearly 100 titles from 20 publishers to the US for promotion, with titles as diverse as George Mackay Brown's Greenvoe and Louise Welsh's Tamburlaine Must Die.

• Whisky Galore by Compton Mackenzie: So what if it perpetrates the old, cliched 'Brigadoon' myth?

Scots, English, American or Martian, no-one can resist this tale of ill-gotten whisky gain on a Scottish island in wartime. • 44 Scotland Street by Alexander Mc Call Smith: Without wishing to blow our own trumpet (well, maybe, just a bit), this tale of manners and intrigue in Edinburgh's New Town debuted in The Scotsman in 2003 as a daily novel.

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