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This show has just been renewed for a fifth season.Billy was the love of Ally's life who was reunited with her when he was in fact already married.There doesn't seem to be a hit show he hasn't popped up in. It was also rumoured that she suffered from substance abuse and was even arrested and sent to a mental health facility later on.From 2005 onwards, he has appeared in Numb3rs, Boston Legal, 24, Grey's Anatomy, CSI: Cyber, The Mindy Project and Agents of S. She was abruptly cut from the main Ally Mc Beal cast in its fifth season, without an explanation as to wear she'd gone.When the show came to an end in 2002, Flockhart was offered the role of Susan Mayer on Desperate Housewives.She declined the part and it was given to Teri Hatcher.Instead, she took one of the starring roles in the family drama Brothers & Sisters in 2007.She played Kitty Walker, one of the six siblings which the show revolved around, alongside Sally Field and Rob Lowe. She now has an adopted son, and is married to Hollywood royalty Harrison Ford, whom she met in 2002 at the Golden Globes. Last year, Flockhart was cast in action series Supergirl as Cat Grant, the high-powered, cut-throat boss of Supergirl's alter ego Kara Danvers.

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Peter Mac Nicol - John Cage Following his appearance in 103 episodes of Ally Mc Beal as the quirky John Cage, Mac Nicol has had a varied career in TV. However, the actress was reportedly fired from both roles amid reports that she acted unprofessionally on set, displaying erratic behaviour.She was also a major villain in 2003's Kill Bill: Volume I, and appeared in the filmic adaptation of stage musical Chicago. This was the low-point of her career, as the show was cancelled practically before it began.Nonetheless, she now stars in Elementary as Joan Watson, the female version of Sherlock Holmes character Dr Watson.Netflix revived it in 2013, which saw de Rossi return to the small screen.

and immediately ruffled feathers with her snappy demeanour, becoming known on the series as "Vicious Ling".

He did crop up in Smallville and is set to appear in forthcoming crime thriller Eyewitness alongside other Ally Mc Beal actress Julianne Nicholso Following the break-up of her marriage to on-screen husband Billy, her character Georgia was written out of the show as a regular cast member, but appeared randomly in seasons four and five every so often. Within a week of his release on probation, Downey Jr signed on to Ally Mc Beal.