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HINTS TOWARDS FORMING THE CHARACTER OF A YOUNG PRINCESS. VVe are told that when a sovereign of an- cient times, who wished to be a mathemati- cian, but was deterred by the difficulty of attainment, askeiad to geometry.

The lesson con- tained in this reply ought never to be lost inght of, in that most important and delicate of all undertakings, tlie education of a prince !

XXXIX-Tbe same subject eentlnnoi-TV lerant Spirit of the Church— Cirenmitaneas w Mcfc led to the Rerolotion, and to the Piotldnailal Soeerstion ofthe House of Hanover, ""^ Chap. Ill— Pnetical oie of the Doatrlno of Artt W deuce, - • Chap. To awaken a lively attention to a subject of such moment, to point out some circumstances Bseeted with the early season of improvement, but still more with the subsequent stages of ? Had ibe royal pupil beon a princo, those hints would never have been obtruded on the watldf ■s it would then nave been naturally assumed, that the established plan usually adopted in such cases would have been pursued.

XLr-On Christianity as a Prinaipir afitki^ especially as it respects Sapreine Rolerst CHRISTIAN MORALS» Chap. ; to offer, not a treatise on education, but a desultory suggestion of sentiments and Prin- ze • to convey instruction, not so much by precept or by argument, as to exemplify it by itnt Mom and caaiinples; and, above nil, to stimulate the wise and the good to exertions far I e Hbeiaml ; tb#^ «» the real motives which hs TO given birth to this slender performance. Nor does the author presume in the present instance, to insinuate a suspicion, that there will be any want of a largo and liberal scope in the pro- jected system, or to intimate an apprehension that the course of study will bo adapted to the sex, rather than to tiie circumstances of the princess.

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Fortunate are tho subjects of that free and happy country who are not driven to have re- course to any such expedients ; who may, without danger, dare to express temperately what they think lawfully ; who, in describing the roost perfect form of government, instead of re- curring to poetic invention, need only delineate that under which they themselves live ; who, in sketching the character, and shadowing out the duties of a patriot king, have no occasion to turn their eyes from their own country to tho throoos of Ithaca or Salentum.

And the lesson to be taught is, that since self- tnand is so essential to all genuine viitue real happiness, where others cannot re nos, there, especially, we should re- n ourselves.