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not that anon youre replying to but even if you get a 3ds that has an older firmware, youre still going to be fucked because you wont be able to do the browserhax no matter what.unless for some magical reason 10.4 doesnt change anything. A BLOO BLEE BLOOO BLOOOOOOOO *deep inhale* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHShould've been more careful, moron.

I have to disagree (SM3DL, ALBW, a few remakes/re-releases, Dillon, Pushmo, Crashmo, the third one I forget the name, KIU, FE, Dark Moon, Dream Team, MK7) though Sticker Star was very much shit and FE Awakening was an obvious quality drop compared to GC/GBA FEs (at least it was a step up from the DS FEs and is decent by itself)it does have some third party games (SMT4, De Su 1 and 2 "enhanced ports", Layton series, Ace Attorney, AA x Layton, Bravely Default, VLR) but it won't keep you occupied unless you're into Mon Hunrule of thumb is, you don't like Nintendo games, you stay away from Nintendo consolesalso, Animal Crossing is fucking garbage, and Pokémons single player is too easy for it to be entertaining unless you have no idea what the fuck you're doing (while the multiplayer is godly if you really get into it, or if you play against someone who is as lost as you are) yeah I already got half a dozen, maybe 8 or so third party games I'd love to play...beyond that it's gonna be kind of shitty. I didn't know animal crossing was garbage, is it not good even if you have friends who play it? I don't understand one thing, I had the emunand updated to the latest 10.-whatever version but when I put in a physical card it said it need to update to 9.6 to workwhy does a card need still say i needs the 9.6 firmware update to work if the 3ds emunand is running a later firmwire version?

The original Sky3DS was an unexpected competitor to the previously unmatched Gateway flash kit, however it used a much different approach towards launching backups.

Rather than using a particular exploit in the system, the Sky3DS team opted for attempting to emulate the behaviour of an original 3DS cartridge, thus gaining compatibility on all 3DS firmwares.

The problem is ease of downgrading and if the extra stick is worth it.

Would I be bricking my console, or have any chance? All you'd really get from CFW is a couple convenience things like native gba playback (almost pointless now with how far retroarch has come) and NTR plugins, especially the language one (although Gateway can bullshit around that but so few people need it that most think it can't).

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