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" The devil put a hand behind his head and started to...blush?He chuckled nervously "Well you see I have and offer that will allow you to keep your soul."He almost choked on the apple that he took a bite out of "You're serious?Once the deal was made he got a call from his father telling him that chemo had worked and the cancer was gone.He knew in the back of his mind that his parents would be ashamed but he couldn't lose his mother.

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he made a deal with a demon, his soul for her life.The man chuckled for a second "I don't need to use a door."He gulped "Then who are you?" He set down the computer onto the kitchen table and clasped his hands together "I have many names Satan, Lucifer, but I'm widely known as the devil."If his eyes could bulge out of his skull, they would have.When he got to the hospital the doctors were doing some final tests but in the end told him that she would live a long life "It looks like you two got a miracle on your hands." The doc said before dismissing us.

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Soon after his mother was released did he start to think of the consequences.

The devil chuckled for a second."I know that, but like you, I'm not into women.

I prayed that and had complete faith that in God's timing this would happen.… continue reading »

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På kan du date, netværke og finde nye venner i trygge rammer 10 milliarder matches tinder ændret måde, folk mødes over.… continue reading »

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So what’s a midlife woman who was raised in a world where men were “supposed” to make the first move do?… continue reading »

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