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"I'll see you later." The front door opened and shut. " I continued walking, not wanting to get caught up with her talking. Come here, I got you some cookies in the kitchen." Groaning in my head, I faked smiling as I entered her house. Roseberry, now if you would excuse me..." Her cat walked to my ankle, as I petted the sweet thing.

"I'm going on a date, I'm going on a date." My flipflops were retired in the corner of my closet.

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A ding was heard from my computer, letting me know someone had wanted to chat with me. " My hand roamed across the request, slowly clicking on it. "Whatever." I walked to my bed, checking to see if Jason had replied, but he didn't.

What qualities made you want to get serious with your date?

Being self-aware of how others perceive you is a huge advantage in dating and relationships.

"So, kids, what's the plan for today when I leave for work? "I'm not going anywhere." Shrugging, Rayan began speaking. " He called from upstairs, as I decided to simply not wash those two dishes. I have more important things to do." My feet rushed upstairs, seeing I had a chat from Jason. You think we can meet up at the pier today at around, ? "Considering the pier is about a 30 minute walk, I just need to shower, and pick out an outfit." After 15 minutes wasted, contemplating on what to wear, I simply pulled out blue jean shorts and a graphic shirt.

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"Just going to play ball with the boys later today." "Okay, I'm going to get ready," she put the magazine in the stack on the floor, kissing us both on the cheek. :)" My eyes diverted to the clock, seeing it was already AM. I'll see you today :)" A scream exited from my lips, as I began preparing for my date. We were only going to the beach, nothin' too special. Roseberry's eyes got big, smirking, as she hit me in the side.

It was when we were apart that all the drama erupted.