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We asked a few women about the unique challenges of dating a younger guy—here’s what they said.The reality is, when it comes to commitment and readiness for marriage, most guys are a few years behind women.If you're dating - or thinking about dating - an older man, you may be concerned about keeping his interest.While your concerns are perfectly natural, keeping his interest is not as problematic as you might imagine.Even if a man earns much more than you and can easily take care of all your expenses, he will feel stifled if he has to take care of all the bills and expenses, as well as make all the decisions on where to go out for dinner, where to shop, and other simple things.So stay self-assured, confident, and fairly independent. So avoid talking about past events, especially cultural events, like movies or trends.Since an older man may have a broader perspective on life simply because he is more experienced, you can ask him questions that a younger man might find threatening.

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Like, for example, reminiscing about pop culture phenomena from your childhood.

When you meet an older man that you want to date, don't let age be a barrier.

As Lori Gorshow, a professional dating coach with Dating Made Simple points out, "Science has shown us that chronological age is only a number.

When you talk about these things, it emphasizes the age difference and creates an awkward feeling for both of you.

Stay centered on what is happening now or how the future might look.“It took him a while to even say he was in a committed relationship,” shares Karen.

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