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For a comprehensive preview of the Route du Rhum, see the Wanna know what's really scary? Golden Gate Yacht Club's Seaweed Soup Regatta, Vallejo YC's Tiny Robbins Midwinters, and Sequoia YC's Winter Series will begin on Saturday.

Sausalito YC's Midwinter Series and the Laser Series at Richmond YC start this Sunday. Tiburon YC's Red Rock Regatta will tour the North Bay on Saturday. Each boat signs up independently, and the teams change with every race.

Some were actually able to tune in KNBR on AM radio — despite being 800 miles south of the transmitters — while others picked it up via satellite radio.

Roy Neyman of the CT41 were listening intently during the bottom half of the ninth inning when the satellite transmission dropped off.

Since our previous report on Wednesday, the entire Baja Ha-Ha fleet has arrived in Bahia Tortugas (Turtle Bay), a huge circular anchorage roughly 360 miles south of San Diego.

Skies are sunny, and the water temperature is a delightful 75 degrees.

Later models (typically ones with Vi BRA chips) used the also then-widely used TDA1517 amplifier IC.

By setting an onboard jumper, the user could select between line-level output (bypassing the on-board amplifier) and amplified-output.

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The race attracts the rockstars of Europe but leaves room for some semi-Corinthian racers, with 89 boats in five classes ranging from the Ultime multihulls, down to the Rhum class of multis and monohulls no smaller than 39 feet.The Sound Blaster 16 also added an expansion-header for add-on MIDI-daughterboards with sample-based synthesis capabilities complying to the General MIDI standard, a socket for an optional digital signal processor dubbed the Advanced Signal Processor, later Creative Signal Processor (ASP, or later CSP), and an MPU-401 compatible UART for communication with external MIDI-devices.