Blind dating 2016 hun trix

28-Dec-2017 13:48

Official Selection - Sundance Film Festival Based on the acclaimed film by Theo van Gogh Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson play Don and Janna, an estranged married couple, who after suffering a tragedy, go on a series of “blind” dates to reignite their relationship. But as the dates progress, Don and Janna reveal their pent-up emotional angst to each other and wonder if their marriage can be saved.

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Another good film with Stanley Tucci (but directed by Vern Oakley) is A Modern Affair, a film about what it means to love and have a child when the means to getting pregnant have dramatically changed in our modern world. So if you're taking a bit of a risk, rather than sticking to the same story told one million times, have a look.